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Profit for non-profit

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We believe that all business should be social business.

Premium hospitality with a cause.

We are not just a beautiful hotel group and a thriving business, we are not just a group of inventive thinkers and game changers, and we are not just donating to charitable causes and fostering new futures - we are all of the above.

Welcome to the Good Hotel community. 

Taking inspiration from Nobel Peace Prize laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus, this hotel group seeks to showcase a different approach to doing business as usual: SOCIAL BUSINESS - a business which has people not profit at its heart, one which has has community not the individual at its core, and one which offers something positive to the world. On this mission, we invite you to join us.



➤ Invest in people & long-term change

➤ GENERATE Profit for non-profit


➤ Work towards A day WHERE All business is social business



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What is a Good Hotel?

We offer our customers beautiful service and stunning settings, alongside an inspiring story and exciting mission.

Not just another hotel chain - we reinvest our profits to support our NGO charity partner Niños de Guatemala, we further our in-house Good Training programme, and we seek to stimulate local businesses. Niños de Guatemala provides underprivileged children with an education, running two primary schools and a secondary school which house over 500 Guatemalan children that would otherwise not have been able to go to school. With Good Training, our hotels take in long-term unemployed individuals in the local community and help them to re-skill and reintegrate into society. With these two core social focusses, we seek to provide new opportunities where there aren't, inspiring optimism and viable futures. When we establish a new hotel, we will do what we can to support local tradespeople. Where possible, ingredients, materials and labour are all locally sourced from small business owners and craftsmen. So when you choose to stay at a Good Hotel, you do not simply get a nice bed and a pleasant experience, you directly help us in our mission to re-build communities in need.

We want to redefine the model of how business is done – combining doing business with doing good – with a great guest experience at the core. We are a non–dividend company built on entrepreneurial spirit, striving to set a good example for the hospitality industry and beyond, and seeking to give more reasons to believe that all business can and should be social business.


Stay Good, do good.

Alongside offering beautiful and memorable spaces to stay and enjoy,  all Good Hotels have in common the contribution they make to the local community.

These we call our our 3 Do Good Pillars.  


The Good Training program offers long–term unemployed locals custom–made hospitality training and the chance to build a new future. 


Good Hotels are rooted in the local community. Ingredients, materials and labour are all locally sourced from small business owners and craftsmen.

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We invest in the education of children of low–income families living in and around the mountain villages of Antigua, Guatemala.

We’re not a charity – we’re a profit for non-profit business. We focus on self sustainability to create real, long-term change.

Good Hotels.

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We took a former Dutch government-owned immigration detention vessel and re-purposed, re-cycled, regenerated it into a spectacular, fun, living breathing hotel and community. After popping-up for a year in Good Hotel's hometown of Amsterdam, the floating platform continued its journey to London and now calls the historic Royal Victoria Docks home.

Think pure industrial design, unique waterfront location, communal living room and unique rooftop terrace – all with a view every Londoner would love to wake up with


This is where it all started. Marten was traveling in Guatemala, when he befriended a little girl with no shoes. The pair of shoes he gave her led to the founding of the NGO Niños de Guatemala in 2006, and later the founding of the Good Hotel Group in 2012. 

Once a private mansion, now a unique boutique hotel featuring contemporary design in the heart of UNESCO-protected Antigua, Guatemala.

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2020 PLAN

The Good Hotel Group is planning to open another 5 properties by 2020. 

They might be another pop-up, converted mansion, industrial warehouse, or something completely different, but the components of a unique location, up-cycling real estate and the roll-out of our 3 Do Good Pillars, remain a constant wherever we go next.


Good Training.

Good Training is a innovative training program developed by the Good Hotel Group. In the areas around our hotels, we work with local authorities to identify individuals who have been in long-term unemployment and offer these people, regardless of background, a fresh start. All is we ask is that they are motivated and willing to make a change. 

Once they have been recruited into the programme, alongside being giving the opportunity to learn the ins-and-outs of the hospitality trade, with experience across various departments in the hotel, the focus is on self-development and giving Good Trainees the confidence they need to continue into the working-world long after the programme ends. 

During Good Hotel's pop-up year in Amsterdam, we followed some of our Good Trainees and recorded their experience. Watch the videos below to get a feel for the kind of change we’re making, and the opportunity we are offering people to better their future. 

This training programme is now being rolled out in our London Hotel, and will follow us wherever we go.



Good Hotel invited the first group of 25 unemployed ‘Amsterdammers’ looking for a new chance & trained them for a new future in hospitality. 


After the first 3 months of intensive training, the trainees are ready to take the next step. The first Good Hotel opens and Chavelli is the first trainee to receive a job offer.


The first group of Good Trainees are ready to take their next step: the move towards their new job. A look back on their journey, and the trainee's employers about their new-hires' potential.


Good Community.

We are a group of open-minded global citizens that believe in the power of community. We want to actively be and feel part of this world, and believe that comes with a responsibility to our fellow human being. Joining us in our mission to make all business social business – can be done in various ways. Find out how.