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Regardless of your means, we make 'doing business' and the opportunity to 'invest good' available to the individual, entrepreneur and start-up too.


How you can join our mission

When you're solely looking for investments to fill your bank accounts and achieve profit maximisation, we'd recommend you to close your browser window. When we talk investment, we're referring to the kind that maximizes people's potential, contributing to the world. And one that actually might leave you with a good feeling too.

With us, everyone can invest in the future. Whether that is 50 dollars or several million. No matter what your capabilities financially are, there is always the option to do good.


from 5 000 USD






YOU SUPPORT NGOs and long-term unemployed locals. Profits are re-invested and go into offering education and training to those in need of a new future.

YOU GIVE kids living in poverty access to quality education, nourishment and social wellbeing. 

YOU ENABLE Good Hotel Group to establish and impact more destinations around the globe, offering Premium Hospitality with a Cause.

IN RETURN, YOU GET the most genuine service in a beautifully designed hotel, enabling you to connect with the destination and other travellers alike. Traveling is the only that makes you richer.

IN RETURN, YOU GET to see kids change the course of their lives towards a better future.

IN RETURN, YOU GET a solid investment with long-term focus and gains, tax-deductions, have valuable impact and a contribution to a better tomorrow.




In numbers

The impact we've made to date can be tracked and measured in many different ways. Some of them here below. 

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In the news


...what you want to create is a model that’s self-sustaining, because people want to buy products that are inherently good.
— Marten Dresen, interview Financial Times

Talk about an overachiever! London’s Good Hotel isn’t just an impressive hotel, managing the rare dual distinction of stylishness and affordability, but it’s an accomplished one as well.
— Tablet, 2016’s most memorable hotels

Captivated by London’s new hotel on water… Expect stylish, intelligently designed bedrooms, a kooky sharing-plate restaurant, a sun-snaring rooftop bar and stupendous Thames views.
— The Telegraph

Businesses and brands have the responsibility to educate each other. We need to make available products and services that are social, so that consumers can make a conscious decision.
— Marten Dresen, interview Viewpoint Design Magazine