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Our trainees, partners and team members about Good Hotel


Good Training

A customary training-program – developed by Good Group – that gives unemployed the chance to learn the skills and confidence they need to pursue a new future in hospitality. Each Good Hotel offers the Good Training program – recruiting locals and assisting them to move out of unemployment. A Good Training Academy is set to launch in Madrid in 2018, along with the new Good Training Headquarters. 


Every Good Hotel offers the customary Good Training program to provide long-term unemployed locals with a change to build a new future. Each Good Hotel works side-by-side with local NGOs and training partners, but the core program and training phases are uniform.

For starters, trainees are recruited on personality, not their CV or background. We believe hospitality is a people business. 

The training consists of three phases. It begins with a practical / theoretical phase where the trainees are introduced to each department and aspect of the hotel's operation. Hereinafter, the trainee will chose a specific career path –chosen in consultation with the training and the trainee's personal career coach. After successful completion of the traineeship, the candidate is offered a full-time contract and salary at Good Hotel, where the on-the-job training will commence.
From this moment forth ,the mediation towards the local hospitality industry will take place, while the trainee continues to work at Good Hotel until a permanent job is found so that no career interruption occurs. A guided path towards a new future.

Interested in joining our team or signing up as a trainee?  Check out the career opportunities on the hotel's respective website & get in touch with he local recruitment team. 

Educational oR HOTEL partner

In each Good Hotel location, the training team works closely with different partners, government institutions and NGOs. All partners play an important role in the trainees' journey from recruitment until placement.

We work closely with local city counsels to select and recruit the long-term unemployed, hotel schools, recruitment specialists, hospitality professionals, just to name a few. They all contribute and share their knowledge, assist with personal guidance and the successful re-integration of the trainees, at different stages throughout the entire process. 

In each location, we select and work with a handful exclusive hotels partners who get the opportunity to interview the Good Training graduates first hand. 

We select our partners carefully as we believe our trainees deserve but the best. Our focus is on long-term partnerships and succes, always. 


We share the vision to make the world a better place by focusing on innovating thinking and doing. “Impact first” is what drives us.
— Vera Moll, Circle Economy, about her collaboration with Good Hotel


Good Business

Marten on the business model: "Doing business is traditionally focused on profit maximization and “doing good” is too often solely about giving away – causing charities to be dependent of their benefactors. I think these two – doing business and doing good – should be combined, so a solid and sustainable business can be built."

We run a profitable business on a non-dividend model and look at ways to increase our reach and scale our impact. We want hotels to join, NGO partners to give back to, or any other business opportunity you have in mind. As long as the focus is GOOD, I'm sure we can figure it out.

NGO Partner

It's still early days but want to share already with you what our team is working on. If you want to think along, connect or sign up to receive more info when we have more news to share, complete the form and connect with us on the about page – we can't wait to start connecting with those like-minded partners that are enthusiastic about a social future too.  

For NGOs, there are two major opportunities. The first one becoming one of the NGO partners of Good Group that receives support through the donations we make of all direct bookings received at our hotels. There a firm selection procedure in place and criteria to be met.

The second one is for NGOs looking for accommodation in of the destinations Good Hotel is represented. As an NGO, we'll hook you up with a discounted corporate rate, and on top of that, we'll donate a fixed amount, per room per night, straight back into your NGOs account to support your cause (5 USD in Good Hotel Antigua, 5 GBP in Good Hotel London). Because we like to give back. Reach out to the sales team of each property to establish an NGO rate for your business. 

Join the Good Hotel Group

We are working on building a collection of Good Hotels and aim to open another 5 locations by 2020. Amsterdam and Madrid are first up. Then New York City, Guatemala City and Rio de Janeiro. 

We want to share our knowledge, scale the social impact and are not afraid to shake things up in the industry. Next to Good Hotel Group's own operated properties, we will be building a Good Hotel Collection of unique, individual properties that have their focus on local collaborations, personal service and authentic experiences. In addition to their the standard star rating, properties will receive a Good classification, based on their score on various criteria such as training, sourcing, footprint, staffing andNGO involvement. 

Once passed the initial selection, the hotel will be screened by a mystery shopper of Good Group. Each hotel will receive Good staffing, training, NGO collaboration, marketing & PR, revenue and distribution support. 

Wether you want to become a member of our Good Hotel Collection program, or simply want to join our Good Booking platform and offer your guests the chance to support the local community while traveling – we're looking forward to scaling Good impact with you.  


We source our ingredients and labour locally, and offer our partners the chance to really connect and give back to the local community. Profits are re-invested in ngos and business.


Good Hotel

We're all about local collaborations. Not only in the hotel's daily operation, but from the moment we start the development of a property, we focus on creating job opportunities for the local community. The chance for small and family run businesses to grow, for communities to develop. 

Local collaborations

Wherever Good Hotel is established, we focus on contributing and supporting the local economy, and more specifically, family-run and small businesses. We want to help develop the area stimulate entrepreneurship. 

It starts with the development of the property, local touches in the design, working with local craftsmen,suppliers and staff.  

Good Hotels are platforms of opportunity for local businesses and creatives too. Think art expositions by neighborhood students, food collaborations with local chefs, supplier pop-up events, Good Business days with workshops and best-practices on how to implement social into your company's operation and mission, music gigs, yoga classes, and the Moms who Make program who focusses on supporting single moms in their journey to become business-owners. 

Corporate Partner

For companies that are high on social impact and their footprint, great news, you have the opportunity to raise the bar and do good beyond the standard corporate social responsibility guidelines. 

We offer our corporate partners, when committed to a certain volume and room night production, a discounted contracted rate and the opportunity to support local businesses and development in the area.  All while your guests experience the most genuine service in great locations and beautifully designed hotels. Reach out to our local sales team to enquire for your custom corporate and meeting & events rate.

For partners focused on the leisure market and looking for a chance to stimulate and promote social business through collaborations and portfolio offerings, please reach out to the local revenue teams.


Get in touch

Want to make an impact with your business too? Let us know about it & let's see what the future holds for us.