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Our people are our best storytellers


Good stories.

The Good Group story is made up of the people and places that we have met along the way. Please explore this page to hear and see about the Good we're doing from the people who have seen it and experienced it for themselves. 

Good Training.

Good Training is a innovative training programme developed by the Good Group. In the areas around our hotels, we work with local authorities to identify individuals who have been in long-term unemployment and offer these people, regardless of background, a fresh start. All we ask is that they are motivated and willing to make a change. 

Once they have been recruited into the programme, alongside being given the opportunity to learn the ins-and-outs of the hospitality trade, with experience across various departments in the hotel, the focus is on self-development and giving Good Trainees the confidence they need to continue into the working-world long after the programme ends. 

During Good Hotel's pop-up year in Amsterdam, we followed some of our Good Trainees and recorded their experience. Watch the videos below to get a feel for the kind of change we’re making, and the opportunity we are offering people to better their future. 

This training programme is now being rolled out in our London Hotel, and will follow us wherever we go.


We've developed our unique training programme GOOD TRAINING and it works - over 70% of our trainees going on to permanent job success.


Good Hotel invited the first group of 25 unemployed ‘Amsterdammers’ looking for a new chance & trained them for a new future in hospitality. 


After the first 3 months of intensive training, the trainees are ready to take the next step. The first Good Hotel opens and Chavelli is the first trainee to receive a job offer.


The first group of Good Trainees are ready to take their next step: the move towards their new job. A look back on their journey, and the trainee's employers about their new-hires' potential.

Good Guatemala.

From a war-torn past to an agricultural system that has left many farmers struggling to survive, there are many causes of unemployment and poverty in Guatemala. Between the education work we support with our NGO partner Niños de Guatemala, and the training and entrepreneurship we encourage through our Good Training in Anitgua, we are trying to help communities to help themselves.  See below for the stories of Thelma, Melany and Emilio.


Becoming a housekeeper at Good Hotel Antigua was single-mother Thelma’s first paid job, allowing her to provide for her children. At Good Hotel Antigua, we give our guests ‘worry dolls’ in their rooms, traditionally used to take on your worries and make your life better. Thelma and her friends now make these dolls for our hotels, and through this, we have given her a new opportunity to set up her own business. Thelma explains how she is now full of hope for her family's future. 


Melany was the first of her family to graduate from school, thanks to our NGO charity partner Niños de Guatemala. Without access to higher education, Good Hotel Antigua offers the Good Academy, offering people like Melany the opportunity to gain the skills needed to pursue a career in Hospitality and continue to provide for herself and her family. 

EMILIO mendez

Since 1998 Saúl restaurants are a brand loved by the public both for its original style and the quality of its products and the contemporary atmosphere that combines the European avant-garde with a strong Latin identity. Emilio Mendez from Saúl, has partnered with Good Hotel Antigua and will open a restaurant as part of the hotel in Autumn 2018. Emilio explains why helping the community is a joint commitment of both Saúl and Good Hotel Anitgua.

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Good move.

The floating Good Hotel launched in Amsterdam and was the first Good Hotel to open worldwide. After staying a year in Good Hotel's hometown, the platform was ready to continue its journey to London and its new home at the historic Royal Victoria Docks.

In October 2016, the floating 8 million kilos concrete structure was transported by a submersible barge over the North Sea Canal, on the River Thames and through the King George V lock to its current location. A challenging and one-of-a-kind project made possible thanks to the people behind it – all experts in their field.

See below for an awesome time-lapse of this journey...



Good launch.

See below for the launch of our Good story....... copy copy copy.


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